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Adachi's diary: After
Hello.I'm Adachi Tohru. And I guess you all know who I am. Well, sorry to announce I'm out of prison now. And, mh, still in Inaba. I'm trying to keep my promise:to abide by the rules of this world. But it's not that easy. Well, see ya around.

[Independent Roleplayer of future!Adachi.I track the adachiininaba tag.]

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trydain whispered:
Okay man, I want to know what you got for Christmas of 1992 (I just get the lols out of this since Adachi and I are the same age by a few months)?

M-mh, geez, that’s a long time ago..well, as far as I remember, it must have been a little dictionary, you know, the kind that even kids can use …  Not that I used it that much.


Posted on 25 December 2012, at 7.25pm with 1 note
filed under: #thesbkproject
  1. trydain said: Your parents were cheap skates man. Snes ftw (lol I won’t)
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