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Adachi's diary: After
Hello.I'm Adachi Tohru. And I guess you all know who I am. Well, sorry to announce I'm out of prison now. And, mh, still in Inaba. I'm trying to keep my promise:to abide by the rules of this world. But it's not that easy. Well, see ya around.

[Independent Roleplayer of future!Adachi.I track the adachiininaba tag.]

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thesbkproject replied to your post: You’re never gonna love me, so what’s the…

I do the same thiiiing. I’ve been contemplating making a FST of my own for these two XD

[Ghh—-gosh I’d do one too ;v; but then—how do you even hold all the feelings for those two idiots]

Posted on 22 December 2012, at 10.08pm with 1 note
filed under: #thesbkproject
  1. trydain said: We can handle our feels together! Now let me attempt to find all my music again.
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