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Adachi's diary: After
Hello.I'm Adachi Tohru. And I guess you all know who I am. Well, sorry to announce I'm out of prison now. And, mh, still in Inaba. I'm trying to keep my promise:to abide by the rules of this world. But it's not that easy. Well, see ya around.

[Independent Roleplayer of future!Adachi.I track the adachiininaba tag.]

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P4Week Day 1: Favorite Character

[sUPER HYPER QUICK DOODLE BECAUSE I FORGOT BOUT P4WEEK. But I couldn’t miss the chance to draw assdachi right? also, yes, adachi, we can.]

thepyrocase whispered:
Hoo, good luck, good luck! If you come back all bruised, I want pictures.

Yeaaah, sure thing, Py, just wait for them. ——of course, that was sarcasm! 

Anonymous whispered:
You can do it Adachi! Go for the KO!

You can bet on it!

Anonymous whispered:
Apparently, your arena title is 'the self-absorbed cabbage detective'. How's that sound to you?

…what can I say? I would have preferred something more … stunning, to be honest. But, well, if that’s the price I have to pay for being playable…I’m ready to accept it.

thepyrocase whispered:
Ohmygosh, not only will you be able to beat people up, but people will be able to beat you up too! It's so exciting! *gasp*

Y-yeah, as if it wasn’t what everybody just normally does… Let’s focus on the ”you will be able to beat people up” part, shall we?



"Gunfight? Gunfight." Book it.

If you feel brave enough, Shirogane. … I’m ready when you are.

kageromoku whispered:
wow ok now I feel like a sexual harasser I'm gomen

Pft, y’know, the fact that you are apologizing to me for something like that makes me … laugh.